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My first blog ever – Baggy shorts to cute skirt!

Blogging for the first time ever………………………..Hmmm, well, right now, I am one frustrated website creator. Have jumped in at the deep end trying to make alterations to an existing site (for my job), not knowing much anything about WordPress.
Feeling kind of stupid, because from all I read a monkey can set up a beautiful site in less time than it takes me to assure my bosses I can do something new! (Maybe I should eat more bananas!)
So, decided to start my own site to practice.
Unfortunately, I’m so busy trying to get the other site right, I don’t have time to upcycle, sew or sing out of tune (as my website title suggests I’m doing).
Anyway, I figure no one is reading this apart from me (and possibly my husband, if I force him to). So, it doesn’t matter how boring (and whiny ?) it is.
I pledge to myself that future pages/posts will be riveting!!! 🙂
OK- here we go, start simple….
The shorts

Bought some Tommy Hilfiger shorts a couple of summers ago, similar to the photo above. I loved them – so comfortable. But, have lost a little weight, and they were starting to look really sloppy. I was about to put them in the thrift store pile, but was finding it hard to let go of denim with cool top stitching. I couldn’t see a good way to take them in – pockets over side seams, front fly, couldn’t add decorative seams in front or back without removing pockets.

Aha!! Have always preferred skirts to shorts. So…. cut inside leg seams off, and made center front seam. Then, stitched center back seam, taking in a little at waist. Luckily, because they were baggy shorts, there was enough fabric to make a skirt without having to add extra triangular panels, like you usually have to do when converting jeans to a skirt

HOORAY! All done – a quick fix, and I’ve worn it lots already!

My "new" skirt WP_20131013_005 WP_20131013_004


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