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Wearing my son’s clothes!

WP_20131102_001So, my son brought me yet another piece of clothing that he’s grown too tall for – when will this stop?

I was about to add them to the thrift store pile, when I decided to experiment. Hey, it was Saturday morning, what else would I be doing –  cleaning a messy house?

There’s no way I could fit into his jeans, and I prefer skirts, so here goes……

First, I cut a few inches away from the fly front, trying to get as straight a vertical line as possible.


I did the same on the left front, and  both sides of the center back seam. Then, I cut it to roughly the finished skirt length.

So, now there were 2 main side pieces, see below, plus the bottom of the legs to use as center panels….

I placed the outside leg seams as new center front and center back because I like the stitch detail. I chopped the waistband off and made a new one from the extra “leg” fabric, with a spotty lining. I needed a fastening, so used 3 brass buttons.

Hey presto, a new freebie skirt (and an even messier house!)



Two weeks later…

I was going to wear my new skirt, but when I tried it on, I began to think it was a little short for me. So, headphones on (some Franz Ferdinand), and back to the machine.Took a look at my (never dwindling) fabric stash. Decided to just go with my first instinct, and pulled out a black and blue stripe, and added a border…………a better length, and much more my style!

WP_20131121_003 (1)



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