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Oh, yeah, I bought that!

WP_20140118_003So, I was aimlessly moving fabric around ruthlessly decluttering the area behind the sewing machine, and I pulled out a skirt I’d forgotten about. Oh….. now I remember – one weekend, I was desperate to do some embroidery on a suiting type plaid, so I’d rushed to Goodwill and picked up this skirt.


WP_20140118_005I’d added some trim on the hem, embroidered a flower, tried it on and didn’t like myself in it.

It must have got discarded next to the machine, then gradually pushed behind over a period of a few months.

Hmmm, I’ve dropped a couple of pounds, maybe it was worth trying it on again?? OK, got it on easily, no problem, but I still didn’t like it. So, out with the SHEARS – either I’ll cut into it, and be inspired to transform it….or, I’ll just cut into it, and then shove the pieces in the trash, and go make coffee!

It had a side zipper, but I decided to get rid of that. I pinned it tighter for a better fit, taking in about 1″ both sides. Of course, I kept the discarded zipper, adding it to my drawer of more zippers than a woman could ever realistically use!


I cut down the center front to do a button through fastening. I trimmed some off the edges, so I could add wide bands. Pulled some plain brown fabric out of the stash (why doesn’t the stash ever get smaller?), ironed on some interfacing, and stitched the bands down the front.

I had planned to do a “double breasted” front (not an anatomically correct description, but you know what I mean), but had a change of heart and went asymmetric.


I tried it on, and was beginning to like it – just one more thing, a little patch pocket.

Wore it the next day with eggplant colored shirt and brown boots.

Yay……….I guess all that tidying up really paid off………… Oh, hold on, I never actually got that job done!


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