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Back to school; 1+1+1+1=1

Just got a freebie tank passed on from my friend, and I really like the flared shape and slight racerback cut, so decided to make a version using old T-shirts. My teenage son went through all his clothes and filled a large bag for Goodwill. Of course, the bag didn’t make it from the house to the car, without me taking a quick peek. I pulled out a grey T-shirt with a Celtic motif, and three new white Hanes shirts (I think he kept wearing the same 3 from a 6 pack). Also pulled out a striped polo shirt, but didn’t include that in the equation, because that will be the next project.

Found a bottle of liquid Rit on the shelf and decided to go for it. Well, the deep Cabernet color I was expecting turned out to be cerise (a surprise, but still OK).
Putting aside the couple of other things I hadn’t noticed already in the washing machine – a pretty pink towel (formerly grey), and my son’s Adidas shorts – black with the traditional white baby pink stripes, I began to plan……


I did a rough trace of the tank, and made front and back patterns. Then I started cutting into the shirts. I only managed to get narrow front and back panels from the Celtic print shirt (if only my son was built more like a chunky middle-aged woman, I wouldn’t have to do so much piecing together!!)


I cut the side panels on the fold (no need for side seams), and two sets of front and back yokes from the Hanes shirts, so that I could just sew them double and not worry about finishing the neckline and armholes. I couldn’t get the back yokes in one piece, so decided to do a button detail. WP_20140921_009



I wish the motif placement had allowed me to get a better seam position (not really flattering), and it would probably be a little better in a lightweight jersey, but I’ll wear it.



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