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Spotted some stripes!

As I mentioned in the last post, I rummaged through the bag destined for Goodwill –  and spotted some stripes.

Now, usually, I don’t wear horizontal stripes – don’t need to highlight the horizontal aspect of my body, but I’m a sucker for navy and white stripes…



Chopped off the shirt in a straight(ish) line at the bottom of the armholes.

Pulled it on and thought it would make a cute skirt.





I needed more length than just adding a waistband, but wanted to keep the original hem and little side slits.


So, I just started cutting as many pieces as I could get from the sleeves, and shoulder area. I overlocked them together with the stripes vertical, because I didn’t have big enough pieces to match the stripes horizontally, and hey presto…. a (not very beautiful, but functional) yoke.


I used some lycra mix to make a pull-on band. Actually, I’ve been wearing it with longer tanks, so haven’t even shown the waist or yoke. It was a quickie upcycle and not a meticulously put together garment, but I like the nautical vibe, and it’s really comfortable!



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