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Just what I Needed

I found a great skirt at Goodwill a couple of months ago – dark brown soft linen type fabric, very full with giant pockets and an attached tie belt – sounds cool, right? Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention, it was way too small for me ūüė¶


Undeterred by a little thing like being able to get it on, I bought it anyway – as you can tell, I didn’t iron it before the photo!

It had a CB zip, and I couldn’t add at¬†the side seams because of those lovely pockets, so the solution had to be in the front.

Took a quick pause to put on Wishing Well by The Harrisons

I thought about using a contrasting fabric to make the waist bigger, but didn’t like that idea – if only I had some extra fabric………

…….Aha!….. that tie belt, which¬†I¬†didn’t really need (I could always tie a scarf round if I changed my mind).


The two¬†belt¬†pieces were stitched in under the belt loops on the back, so I just cut them off. Then I cut down the center front to the top of a pleat, and opened the whole pleat out, so I had excess fabric. I chopped the belt into equal length pieces and topstitched them together to make a rectangle big enough to fill the gap I’d made at the waist, and stitched it in place.



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