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Knot a Major Refashion

One of my $3 Goodwill bargains was an XL dress in a great green. I really like the print, and thought I’d cut it down to be a sundress.

Of course, in my usual haste to get chopping and sewing, I forgot to take a before picture. Here is the top and the very long, full, button-through skirt.










After some trying on and pinning, I completely went off making a sundress and ditched the whole project for a couple of weeks.

One Saturday, I got the music going and pulled out the masses of skirt fabric (saving the top for a future project). I didn’t really have a specific plan, just winged it until I ended up with an elasticated waist skirt with the original pocket in one side seam, and two long points to tie at the hem on the other side.

It’s no amazing example of pattern-cutting or sewing, but is comfortable, and lightweight!

So comfortable, I made a similar one from a full skirt I bought in a vintage store.



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