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Black and Blue

If you’ve read any of my other posts, you know I’m hardly a tiny wee thing, and the clothes I buy at the thrift store are often too small.

But, I always try to “expand” them with a design tweak here and there.

I bought a denim skirt at Goodwill thinking I might possibly squeeze into it – OK, scratch that idea!

I thought I’d go for a contrast – after all, if I’m going to add a panel, I might as well make it obvious. I cut up the CB seam, and added in a wide strip of black denim.

The front had a slit that was a bit too revealing when sitting down, so I used a rectangle of the contrast denim, and stitched it behind the slit, making a kind of “faux” pleat. As a finishing touch, I stitched the CB belt loop back on, but horizontal, with a couple of metal buttons.

Not bad….and pretty quick!




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  1. I like this contrast back panel method, the belt loop adds a nice finishing touch


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