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Too square, too sheer

I had a lightweight T-shirt with a logo I liked, but a shape that did nothing for me. Basic Ts are not my best friend – they just accentuate the thicker shape I’ve become in middle age 🙂
I prefer a heavy weight shirt, too, so this definitely wasn’t going to work.



OK, on with the music – Skinny Lister’s newest album, The Devil The Heart & The Fight, and out with my favorite piece of equipment…..a large pair of shears….

I laid down a tank I like and did a quick trace of the basic shape, cut off the T-shirt sleeves and lowered both front and back necklines. But this still didn’t solve the sheer problem, so I took a deep breath and ventured into the refashioning pile that’s threatening to topple and suffocate my family. I was trying to find a white T to cut up and make a lining.
Bingo! – I left the huge heap (to tidy up another day), because I realized I had what I needed already.


I stitched the back and front of the tank together to make one thick layer, and used fabric from my stash to make a striped back.


In the striped fabric, I cut the same basic shape, adding a little flare through the body. Then I slit up the center back almost to the neck. I twisted the middle twice and sewed the center back together again.

I stitched back and front together, finished the armholes, hemmed the bottom, and added a narrow black band at the front neckline, and I now have a tank that I’ll actually wear!


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