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Swapping body parts

It all started when I visited a local eco fair and saw some cool shirts for sale on a soft toy booth (Indy Plush). Basic T-shirt shapes are not flattering on me, but I loved the unique prints, so I snapped one up in the largest size they had – I knew I would end up refashioning it in some way, so wanted as much fabric as possible.


The weather finally started to cool down a bit, and I realized I don’t really have any long sleeved T-shirts (I’m rarely cold enough for sweaters).

I dug out the T-shirt, popped on some inspiring music (The Fratellis), and pondered.

After a bit more rifling through the refashioning bags, I found a $3 thrifted bargain – a huge, soft man’s shirt, new, with tags.

shirt-greyI chopped off the sleeves off both shirts, and trimmed the grey ones to flatten the sleevehead more like the ones from the blue T. I overlocked them on, and did a topstitch around the seam.

Then I cut away the neck, and used the hem of the man’s shirt to make a contrast edge, again overlocking on and topstitching.

It’s still a sloppy shape, but will be a cosy winter top that I can throw on with jeans!

refashioned shirt


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