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Hungry for a new shirt – out with the Toaster!

After doing a test run with the Toaster #1 from Sew House 7 (using an oversized golf shirt to make a top), I was ready to cut into a lovely black and white knit from Cali Fabrics.


It was an easy pattern to use and to sew, and I was done in a few hours. It’s a comfortable top to wear and could be sewn in a lot of different knits.

I’m keen to sew Toaster Sweater #1 (included in the pattern) as it may be a little more flattering on my body, which seems to be lacking any shapeliness it once had (chocolate, wine, burritos, perhaps)……….but I think I’ll get a lot of use out of this one – it’s a more interesting choice than a plain old sweatshirt.

And, in case you were wondering what accompanied me….Will Varley, Postcards from Ursa Minor.

sew house 7 toaster sweater


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  1. This is the nicest toaster top I’ve seen! Generally I’ve not been wild about the pattern, but this is nice. Congrats.


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