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Sharing the same jeans/genes ?

Youngest son cleared out his closet before leaving for college, and put a lightly worn pair of Hollister jeans in the thrift store pile.

I like dark denim and need some more pants (I prefer skirts, but need pants for walking to work).

Now, youngest son and I may share the same genes, but I could not wear his jeans without some major “up-sizing”!

By the way, today’s refashion is brought to you by the album Well, Well, Well by Milburn. I actually listened to it twice all the way through because I got involved in the project and forgot to change music.

I just decided to kind-of-randomly chop away/add in some contrast fabric/do a lot of pinning and trying on/cross my fingers……… other words, wing it. I used a really muted tartan from Cali Fabrics as my contrast.

Unsurprisingly, I ended up doing a bit of patching together, due to my complete lack of planning, so had to add some pockets to cover unwanted seams. Luckily, I had cut quite a bit off the leg length, so had some scraps to work with.


Well, now I can get them on, AND do up the buttons (grrr…darn button fly, prefer zips).

Not bad for a Sunday afternoon’s work and a little fabric from the stash – thanks, son!



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