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Not Ready to Retire

I decided to organize my giant bags of potential refashion victims.

So…..BAG #1

  • took everything out
  • folded garments
  • put aside things to try on if they might only require a quick tweak
  • listed everything in the bag to cut down on future rummaging

…………..3 days later

  • try-ons are still folded on the sofa
  • BAGS #2 & beyond remain unsorted, because I did actually achieve 2 refashions before I ran out of weekend.

REFASHION 1 – the Python (?) Print T-shirt

When I was a student, I loved wearing animal prints for their kitsch and retro quality. Now, many years (and lbs on) I fear me, clad in printed animal skins, may give off more of a Golden Girls/Florida Retirement Home vibe!

Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained, and if the whole project goes pear-shaped (to match the bod), I lose a couple of hours I could have spent cleaning the kitchen, and $3 to Goodwill, not much of a risk.

Needed music that was upbeat – Eight Legs kept me going.

I pinned the shirt together at shoulder seams, so CB and CF were on a fold, and cut a slightly deeper neck at the front, and a square one on the back.

Still not convinced I could pull off the print as is, I decided to add a contrast neckband, hoping it would look a bit more sporty. I used a striped scrap from the stash, and stitched on one continuous band running from the vertical side of the back neck around the front to the other side, and a short band across the horizontal of the back neck. I stitched on 2 straps in a V for extra detail.


Not bad, hopefully it will look OK with faded jeans, or denim skirts (I’m partial to a denim skirt or two in the summer – disguises my bum better than jeans do!).


And, Refashion #2 follows…..











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