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Giving Me the Cold Shoulder

BAG SORTING…..REFASHION 2 – the Asymmetric Sweater

I do like asymmetry in clothes, although it’s always more work in pattern-cutting, and for cutting out (no cutting on the fold).

The second Goodwill garment I pulled out of the bag was a Cynthia Vincent lightweight sweater. I think it was labelled L, but was definitely not “L” enough for me! It’s a pretty sweater, but made for a slender girl (who doesn’t feel the cold on one arm, and doesn’t need to raise the other one very high).

The band at the hem was really tight, so that was a no-brainer to chop off.

Also, I am not wearing anything one-shouldered (and therefore braless), so that would definitely have to be changed.

Cynthia Vincent sweater

After chopping off the band, I cut off some of the batwing – it was a pretty long sleeve. I figured I could use that fabric to make some kind of shoulder strap. I really liked the draped pocket on one side, so wanted to keep that.


This was one of those refashions I kept messing about with, not sure how it was going to turn out. I kept trying it on, and pinning scraps of fabric over my shoulder. In the end, I used some of the hem band, and chopped off sleeve fabric to make a wide shoulder strap.

WP_20170325_12_01_55_Pro_LI (2)

So, the sleeve side now had a very deep armhole and was draping oddly because my hips were pushing it to its’ limits. So, I overlocked – green lines – to make a more modest armhole. Then, I cut up the side to release the hip drag – pink line. This actually created a cool asymmetric hemline – those happy accidents, eh? (story of my refashioning life)

I overlocked all the edges and zigzagged narrow hems.

I need to try this on with a lot of things to find the best look, but it’s something different for me for the princely sum of $3 again!


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  1. Beautiful and well done refashion. Asymmetrical clothes always have an unique look.

  2. Pretty impressive refashion! I like the one sided waist shaping and the bra-friendly shoulders.


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