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A gift for my sloth-loving friend

So, what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you decide to make your funky, actress/writer* friend a birthday present ????
Why, a Sloth Bag, of course!!

*if you need a laugh and maybe a cry try Broken Headbone


(Excuse the busy background in the photo)
It was fun to work on, and I was able to use some fabrics and trims that I’d been hoarding for the right project.
I cut the back and front of the bag in an upholstery fabric:
Then, used a gorgeous green for the side panels, and “matching” (?) zippers in pink and blue (that’s my idea of matching, anyway!) Some tiny yellow flower buttons helped pull that whole coordination thing together 🙂
The sloth was cut out of a velvety upholstery scrap, and his claws
cut from some pleather I found laying around in my stash

.WP_20130311_004 (1)

I was worried he looked too much bear, and not enough sloth, but I’m happy to say she loved it and uses it almost everyday!