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Keeping My Belly in Check(s)

Self-discipline regarding food and drink is NOT my strong point. As a result, my mid section is not what I’d like it to be (in fact, it’s way more). I do quite a bit of sucking in, but sometimes I’d just rather wear a loose top, and breathe easy.

I’d had these two Goodwill bargains hanging around for quite a while, and thought it might be fun to combine them.

T shirt refashion









I cut most of the blue sweatshirt off (another piece for the fabric stash), and cut the XXL men’s shirt across at the armpits. I switched the shirt to button down the back. It was wide enough to make pleats – one inverted at CF, and one either side of the button band on the back.

I stitched the chopped off garments together, and overlocked the edges.

Well…..not the most imaginative of refashions, but it’ll help to hide the belly until I wrangle my appetite under control!

Later that same week…………….

Hmm, had left Sheila standing quietly in the corner for a couple of days, wearing this and thought it looked quite cute. Then, I put it on and had my husband take photos  – it looked terrible!!

I will use the idea of the chopped off T with a shirt bottom, but I guess Sheila can have this one – not that she gets out much, usually just hangs around the house naked!



Finding a Dress in the Men’s Department

So, I found myself having three XXL long-sleeved men’s T-shirts to play with – two rust, and one striped. I cut up one of the solid ones and made a simple tank for exercising, but still had lots of fabric to play with.

I decided to go with a dress. I used a tank I already have that I like the fit of, and made a bodice, cutting it off just below the bust – let’s accentuate the narrowest part, which is definitely not my waist. I lined it with a contrast – one of my son’s old grey T-shirts, and added ties into the V neck on the back.

For the skirt, I just had to be creative with the fabric I had. I cut the front and back rust T-shirt across at the armpit, and down the side seams to become rectangular front and back skirt panels. I cut open the sleeves, and used them “upside down” to create triangles on the sides (no side seams), adding flare to the skirt. The dress needed more length, so I added two hem borders – one using the striped shirt, just piecing it together.



Identity Crisis

Another $3 Goodwill find – a Target T-shirt, new with price tag ($12). Forgot to take a before pic, but found this one on Ebay.

Identity 1: T-SHIRT$_57

I decided to make a tank, but wanted to brighten it up with contrast trim from the stash. I started off looking for fabric that would coordinate tastefully, but old habits die hard, and I pulled out a garish stripe – YES-S-S!

I cut off the sleeves, and reshaped and lowered front and back neck, and overlocked on strips of my striped fabric. Cut the threads, turned off The Paddingtons (No Mundane Options), and left the room. Done!

Identity 2: TANK


I get excited when I know I’ve got a fresh new garment waiting to be worn, so a couple of days later, I feverishly threw on my tank with a pair of shorts and looked in the mirror – what a disappointment – uninspiring and shapeless 😦

Time to get the scissors out again…….

I still liked the non-matching contrast trim, so this time, I cut off below the bust. Rifling through a lot of fabric, I found a crinkly grey knit piece. I cut rectangles for a back and front skirt, and then 2 triangles to make flared panels for the sides. Overlocked everything together, and my tank morphed into a dress.

Identity 3: DRESS